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Our services:

:: Consultancy: helplines
:: Consultancy: publishing
:: Consultancy: service delivery using new technology and media
:: Production of educational materials in print
:: Writing for and managing websites
:: Producing annual reports
:: Appeals consultancy and management











Red Cinnamon offers consultancy in three areas of which we have a depth of experience and knowledge helplines, publishing and service delivery using new technology and media.


We can advise on all aspects of setting up, running, developing and managing helplines – local, regional and national. David Highton has been involved with national helplines since the BBC Adult Literacy Helpline in 1975. Since then he has helped set up the pioneering National AIDS Helpline and later the BBC Radio Helpline. Later he led the team that won the tender for the government’s nationwide Learn Direct Helpline. Recently Red Cinnamon has been working on developing a national helpline as one of a range of services for problem gamblers.


We can advise on all aspects of running publishing operations. David Highton established his first publishing unit over 25 years ago, building it up into a team of 10 people with a turnover of £1million, so he knows the business inside out. We offer expert guidance on how to develop an operation so that it covers its costs or makes a profit, including advice on such questions as what should be kept in house and what may be best outsourced. We recently advised Barnardo's on how it could develop its publishing services (see Projects).

Service delivery using new technology and media

Should your organisation expand its service delivery to encompass Internet advice, chat rooms, online counselling, or mobile phone messages? Should it consider offering its services via broadband, 3G phones, DVD or Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) or other new technologies?

Organisations now have a golden opportunity to reach more and more people with such media. But the range of technologies can be bewildering and expensive mistakes can all too easily be made. Our aim is to help you develop a strategy that identifies the most effective and appropriate delivery methods for each service.

Through our consultancy in this area, we have gathered knowledge from across the world, both about the technologies available and about when they should or should not be used.

Red Cinnamon recently helped GamCare, a charity providing counselling services for problem gamblers, to develop a clear, costed and timetabled strategy for developing its online and therapeutic services (see Projects).

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Production of educational materials

Red Cinnamon specialises in producing educational and information-based publications. We have more than 25 years' experience of producing clear and accessible publications across a range of subjects, from the arts, leisure and lifestyle to health and science.

We can offer a full publishing service or you can select the services you want – from commissioning writers and editing copy through picture research and illustration to design and printing. We have built up an excellent network of writers, editors, illustrators and designers, all skilled in communicating information clearly and effectively across a wide range of subjects.

Recent publications include booklets on the arts and lifestyle for Channel Five and an attractive gift-box including postcards and a booklet on Leonardo da Vinci for the Open University (see Projects).

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Writing for and managing websites

Red Cinnamon also produces educational and information-based content for websites. We can commission, write and design as well as manage a completed website. Although our specialities are science and health, we also commission and write content for arts, lifestyle and leisure websites.

Major projects have included setting up the health and science areas of Channel 4's website. We continue to manage the science content (, commissioning a carefully chosen range of expert writers and rigorously maintaining high editorial standards. Our aim is not just to make the site interesting and accessible, but to show how science matters to everyone's daily lives (see Projects).

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Producing annual reports

Two years ago we teamed up with the designers Jacksonbone to launch Glowing Reports (, a design and production service specialising in producing annual reports for voluntary organisations.

What makes Glowing Reports different is that we understand the importance and potential of annual reports. They may not be glamorous but they are a vital means of communicating with all your different stakeholders. At Glowing Reports we can offer expert advice on content and editorial style as well as undertake the design and printing.

For more information, visit the Glowing Reports website, which includes a guide to what you must include in an annual report and also tips about exploiting its full potential.

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Appeals consultancy and management

More than 20 years ago, Red Cinnamon's founders were involved in the groundbreaking Live Aid concert appeal, which transformed how charities use broadcasting. In 2005, they were involved in the most successful Comic Relief appeal to date, which took more than a million telephone donations on over 14,000 lines staffed by volunteers and raised in excess of £20 million.

In the interim, we have worked on literally hundreds of appeals with both terrestrial and satellite broadcasters. Clients include BBC Children in Need (since 1981), the Disasters Emergency Committee, Middle Eastern Broadcasting, Comic Relief and TimeBank.

We can:

  • advise on the effective use of broadcasting to raise awareness and money for campaigns and causes
  • enable charities to maximise funds raised from appeals by designing, setting up and managing donation and processing services, negotiating with companies to donate their call centres
  • advise on grant giving, grant assessment and grant administration
  • carry out grant assessments, dealing fairly but rigorously with applications, whether for small amounts or for hundreds of thousands of pounds
  • devise, implement and manage social-action and educational campaigns in any media

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